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    Testosterone Power

    Power comes from the balls of a man. High performers have high testosterone (T) levels.

    High testosterone levels do not always mean high achievement because you can easily blow all that energy away on casual sex. On the other hand, low serum T levels always lead to failure and despair.

    You will never succeed at anything, if your testicles are not secreting the manhood juice.

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    Success is what you want. Success is what we all want. What is success? Success is achieving clearly defined goals. It takes hard work, discipline and energy to succeed at anything. Each of these attributes is fueled by the virility hormone.

    When people think of low serum T levels, the worst side-effects that come to their mind is reduced sex drive. Low manhood hormone levels do indeed lead to reduced libido, reduced sperm count and weak erections. But, sex is the least of your problems.

    Low serum T levels produce more devastating side-effects than your sex drive. Your very identity is destroyed when, you have low serum T levels. You become a total wuss.

    Consequences of Low Testosterone Levels

    Take a look around you. The effects of low virility serum are visible everywhere in the West. In case, you are not aware. Here is the shocking news flash for you. Over the last 3decades, the average serum T levels of the Western man have fallen by 20%.

    This is a bitter pill to swallow, if you live in the West. It sends a cold shudder down the spine of a guy, when he realizes that he is actually part of the statistic. The first reaction of must guys is denial. Then after a few weeks of research, they come to terms with the fact they are actually part of the statistic.

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    Observe closely and you’ll notice the radical transformation of society unraveling, in front of you.

    The rate of obesity is exploding. Low manhood hormones lead to accumulation of fat. In 2013, 1 in every 3 American adults was classified as obese. In that same year, Mexico surpassed America in the rate of obesity. There are more lazy slops in Mexico than in the USA.

    Let this next fact register in your head. Overweight and obesity are not the same things. Obesity is quite a few notches above overweight.

    Heart attacks are already the number one killer in the USA. Think of the epidemic of heart attacks to come. Imagine the avalanche of coronary and cardiovascular diseases that will swamp the health care system in the next few years. Thanks to Obamacare, you won’t escape these health care costs.

    The explosion of obesity is only the tip of the iceberg. The real damage of low serum T levels requires careful discernment to perceive. Even though, it is difficult to perceive, its economic effects are devastating.

    How to Increase Testosterone Levels

    The real damage of the pussification of men is the dramatic plunge in productivity as a result to low energy levels, lack of motivation, lack of persistence and lack of discipline.

    Do not be fooled about the ramblings on the news. The Western economies haven’t seen their worse days yet. In the next few years, Western economies will continue to decline and the so-called experts will not have the slightest clue, why.

    It all comes back to low testosterone levels.

    How to Increase Your Testosterone Levels

    First off, avoid all manhood killers. Your masculinity is under aerial, naval and terrestrial attack (figuratively, off course). The point is your manhood is being attacked from all facets of society (cultural, legal and political).

    Applied information is power. Before you can apply the information, you must first have it. Download and read the free EBook, “The Book of Zed,” by the Zen Priest. Do yourself a favour and become informed of the war being waged against your masculinity.

    Stay fit! Eat clean and train like an Olympian.

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    Nothing is more effective than good nutrition and regular exercise. Do not be swindled by the scams of the diet industry! Never starve yourself by going on a diet. Except for saturated (trans) fats, all foods are good. Saturated fats like butter are the foods, you must avoid like the plague.

    Don’t be a bitch! That’s what endless hours of bitch cardio tantamount to. The only cardio befitting for guys is intense cardio. You are not yet there, if your heart is not banging violently against your chest.

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    After intermittent sessions of killer cardio, do some resistance training and weight lifting. This will get your testicles pouring out testosterones like a waterfall.

    Lastly, take pro testosterone supplements. They are the best natural boosters available. They are guaranteed to give you a phenomenal blast in energy. Order the certified, FDA-registered pro testosterone pills now and get a gigantic boost in performance.

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