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The Essence of MGTOW

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  • The Essence of MGTOW

    The Essence of MGTOW

    A straight and condensed explanation of the MGTOW phenomenon.
    1. The nature of Human Relationships
    What humans really want in a relationship are resources.
    A relationship is fundamentally something where people get together to bring their efforts, material possessions and their genetic traits to their proverbial table for the sake of the offspring and a more efficient and prosperous life. That phenomenon is also seen in economics; if people unite their efforts and resources, they will achieve much greater success and prosperity than it is possible for a single individual.

    Every one of us needs money, material possessions and certain services to live on.

    There is nothing inherently “evil” about it. It’s just human nature.

    The most fundamental resources, which we find in human lives are:

    Good genes = health (which tends to make people look handsome and attractive), fertility; enables both partners to pass their genes onto the next generation the most efficient way.

    Material possessions = money, food, a house, clothing, a car, health insurance, access to schools, a job, in short, material things and immaterial services we need to live a proper and successful life.

    …and here are typical traits of individuals, which are considered helpful in getting/creating/preserving resources:

    Successful, ambitious, assertive, dominant, career oriented, etc.
    = personal traits which enable individuals to pursue resources by studying, working and doing business, defend those from other pretenders

    Open minded, humorous, chivalrous, cool, nice, sensitive, etc.
    = these terms describe an individual who readily shares his resources for free, while asking nothing in return for the sake of society.

    Special talents and abilities
    = physical strength, intelligence, psychological resilience, traits which potentially can get a man some extra resources.

    As we see, there is no such thing as “unconditional love”. It always comes down to a hormone cocktail in someone’s blood stream, special traits or possessions.

    …and yes, personality is also a resource, thus love based on it is conditional.
    1. Modern day relationships from a male perspective
    For the sake of clarity, I’m going to take the current legal situation of the US, Canada, UK, Germany and Russia.

    Commitment and relationships with women are nowadays a very risky deal! And here’s why…
    Paternity fraud is 100% legal

    No effective father rights – men are easily alienated from their kids.

    Child support – any child born in a marriage is a husband’s child and he has to pay, no matter if the child is not his biological child.

    Alimony – payments which had their merits back in time when divorced women were at real risk of poverty. Today, the very idea of alimony makes no sense anymore, considering all the welfare services and gender equality programs.

    No Reproductive Rights – men and husbands can be duped into fatherhood without their permission and even knowledge, which is also 100% legal. Women have the sole right to decide over their unborn children.

    False Rape Accusations – result in little to no legal repercussions for females in general, but will destroy a man’s reputation and most likely cost him his job, even if police finds no actual evidence and drops the charges.

    Wives have no Obligations in Marriage – no husband can legally claim any protection from being cheated and cuckolded, actually, there is nothing a husband is legally entitled to in a marriage with a woman.

    Asset Division in Case of Divorce – even if the wife never earned a penny during the marriage.

    No Effective Protection of men from stalking and Domestic Violence – yes, women do harass and beat their men contrary to the popular myth that “domestic violence is a 99% woman’s issue.”

    So, in a nutshell, women appear to be legal hand grenades, who can tear a man apart at any time of the day, if they really want it, because they can get full support of the law in doing so! This is precisely the reason why even good looking, qualified and smart men with lots of money say – I’m not going to jump into that meat grinder called relationship!

    We’ve seen that relationships, for women, are about resources, and men are no different! Men do want women to bring something “to the table”, something worth their own resources, and for the most part of history women did bring good genes (health, fertility, etc.) and services (sex, social skills, etc.) into the relationship.

    Well – not anymore, as it seems! More and more women have nothing to offer for a man’s resources, other than being a drama queen and a legal hand grenade.

    In the end, the MGTOW phenomenon is nothing more than a rational response to the current mentality of our society, which demands men to give up their resources to women without due compensation!

    The Balance of Give and Take doesn’t apply anymore to the majority of women! Modern day women tend to feel entitled to a man’s resources just because they are female and men are “obligated” to “serve” them.

    Relationships with women and society became more and more toxic during the last decades, the law doesn’t care much about men’s rights and the society excelled at misandry (“rape culture”, “manspreading”, “men = pigs, rapists, pedophiles, oppressors”) and due to the current tendency to extreme hypergamy, men became just an asset, a disposable utility.

    Any woman can swear that she”ll never screw up and dispose her man, that she will protect him from society, unfair laws and live with him for the rest of their lives… Ultimately, she can break her promise any time and screw him in court or with a false accusation. What would stop her from doing so? Neither the law, nor Society as a whole.

    When people get power and full sway to abuse it as they please, many will do it! Criminal statistics and history tell us so. No moral high horse is going to change that fact.

    There are exceptions, as always, but these don’t make the rule. They confirm it. When men realize the full extent of the modern day relationship conditions, who can blame them for rejecting that pretty bad deal? Especially the deal called marriage, where he’s exposed to all kinds of odds but isn’t even entitled to his wife making him a sandwich.
    1. Consequences
    Now… there is only one rational way for a man to have a committed relationship under such circumstances – a woman who does bring to the table at least as much resources as the man does! Women have to ensure/prove a man that she is “not like that” and won’t screw his life, and that is by bringing enough resources to a man’s table up to the point that screwing him up becomes non-profitable!

    And here we are. Equality! The balance of give and take!

    If you as a man, managed to find a woman who does exactly that, making your relationship safe by giving up enough of her own resources, then you’re a LUCKY GUY!

    Sadly, the majority of modern day women are nowhere near that point…

    At that point, unrealistic expectations of women reveal themselves in the most painful way. In a relationship with a man, you have to offer your fair share. Most women don’t. Neither does the Law, the Government and the Society as a whole.

    …hence MGTOW, a purely rational choice, a lifestyle where…

    He protects his self-ownership and sovereignty.
    He avoids cultural definitions/preconceptions of what a “man” is.
    He looks up to no one for social cues and approval.
    He does not allow anyone to treat him as a disposable utility.
    He lives according to his own best interests.